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Velvet Antler

What Consumers want to know
about Velvet Antler:

bullet Velvet Antler is the only pet nutritional supplement that is a whole food
bullet Velvet Antler is 100% natural
bullet Velvet Antler contains no artificial preservatives
bullet Velvet Antler has no known side effects
bullet Velvet Antler is harvested in the spring without harm to the Red Stag Deer or Elk Bulls
bullet Velvet Antler relieves symptoms of arthritis
bullet Velvet Antler improves joint mobility
bullet Velvet Antler reduces pain & inflammation
bullet Velvet Antler helps the immune system
bullet Velvet Antler increases energy & stamina
bullet Velvet Antler improves hair coat
bullet Velvet Antler accelerates wound healing

Key Components of Velvet Antler:

bullet Chondroitin Sulfate a known anti-inflammatory
bullet Glucosamine encourages joint repair
bullet IGF-1 (Insulin-like growth factor) facilitates absorption of chondroitin
sulfate & glucosamine sulfate, creating a balanced product
bullet Prostaglandin reduces swelling

Velvet Antler is a 100% natural nutritional supplement for cats, dogs, and horses.

Recommended dose: up to 50 lbs, 1 2 capsules every day for the life of your pet.

Beneficial results should appear within 30 days of consistent use.

* NDEF disclaimer: Actual results may vary.

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For more information on Velvet Antler, please contact:

Susie Lordi, Market Research Consultant
c/o Northeast Deer & Elk Farmers, Inc. (NDEF)
295 Sheep Davis Road
Concord, NH 03301
(603) 236 9323  |  |

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