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FALLOW DEER are a species which originated in the Mediterranean and Near Eastern areas.

They are smaller than the Whitetail with 18 month old bucks dressing out at 55 to 70 lbs. hanging weight.  The venison is very tender, fine grained and mild flavored, and is prized by gourmets.

Often considered to be flighty, experience raising them in a farm environment has shown that they will tame down considerably with good handling procedures and repeated exposure to their handlers.  Their high natural disease resistance and ability to both graze and browse make them a low maintenance animal with modest labor requirements.

RED DEER and ELK are native to most of the northern hemisphere.  Included in the species are the European Red Deer, the North American Elk (or Wapiti), as well as several Asian subspecies.  They are one of the larger members of the deer family, and produce venison which has a texture similar to beef, with a mild game flavor.  The velvet antler of the Red Deer and Elk is highly valued by the oriental medicinal market with a growing following in Western markets.

Large, impressive animals, they are generally calm and easy to handle with a little experience.

Fencing requirements are similar for these animals and may be subject to state regulation.

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